Feral Indie Studio

A mega-dungeon of forgotten history and disaster buried deep in the dark of the earth.
152 illustrations from Into the Wyrd and Wild for use in DIY and small press publications.
A zine about the exploring dark and alien megastructures of an infinite realm.
Contains 20 spot illustrations for depicting a grim and dark future of space knights and scenes
Twenty spot illustrations for depicting knaves, adventurers, scoundrels and loot!
Twenty spot illustrations for grim and dark settings like Mork Borg or Warhammer Fantasy.
An opulent, Tower-Crawling adventure for the world’s most popular role-playing game
Wilderness Horror Setting for D&D and the OSR
A journal game about horror, survival, isolation and grit.
An Artbook from Into the Wyrd and Wild
Six heroes challenge the evil hidden within the woods.

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Feral Indie Art Pack In the Wild!