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Vyrmhack is a small-scale wargame with role-playing elements. Players take on the role of a single or band of characters who explore, fight, and survive in a dark fantastical land. It is meant to be compatible with most old-school game modules and  wargame-style senarios.

What’s Inside

  • Light Rules for Ease of Play: Simple to learn and teach, can be played over a lunch-break or an evening game night.
  • Vyrminous Characters: From a mutated Decrepit Magus to a Noble Duelist fused to their armor. 
  • Cooperation or Competition: Play together as a typical adventuring party or build a warband and square-off against your friends.
  • Adventure and Scenario Compatible: Meant to be played with your favorite TTRPG modules or Wargame Scenario booklets.
  • Monsters, Magic and More: Explore and survive a Vyrminous world with despotic lords, primal sorceries and fell gods.

Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorFeral Indie Studio
GenreRole Playing
TagsItch Funding, OSR, skirmish, Tabletop, Tactical, Tabletop role-playing game


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Development log


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I feel like Stamina should be named something like Fatigue instead?


Yeah, someone on reddit mentioned the same thing but with "strain."

The next go-around with the zine and SRD will probably be updated to something akin to that (along with some errata and changes).


Read the rules over the weekend, some rough edges, but I love it. Going to become my go to for solo wargaming. Could use a few things - a bit more structure for downtime, generating adventures, but there are ways to get around that. Looking forward to my first solo game!


Great work, can't wait to test it out. I love the implied setting, very evocative!


I'm a huge fan of your work in general since purchasing the wyrd and wild, and this is another hit for me, very cool


This is a gorgeous book. The art and layouts are so crisp and clean. It was a pleasure to meet y'all at ZineFest this weekend and I'm stoked that I could get a physical copy. You are makers I highly admire and this is more excellent work from you.


Great looking game! I can't help but wonder though, isn't rolling 2d6 twice for Advantage/Disadvantage a bit cumbersome compared to, for example, rolling 3d6 and discarding the highest/lowest?


Crap... honestly never thought of that...

I'm impressed by the look and am hopeful that this plays as quick and easy as I hope it does.

This looks extremely interesting to me. Does it have specific dungeon tactical rules? Can it work on a grid?
Please include metric measures too :_)

Works on a grid! While I unfortunately stuck to english measurements, it all operates on a "base 5" (5ft = 1in or 1cm or 1 square 


So 5 ft squares = 1,5 m square = 1 square. Sounds good to me!

You could use the scale that Savage Worlds uses too: 1 square = 2m x 2m
In short, you are playing with bigger squares, but that doesn't ruin anything; however it's really fast and easy to have measurements: 1 human miniature occupy 1 square, and that is also its height; finally, if you have a distance (ie. 50 meters, it's really easy to obtain the distance-in-squares... 50 / 2 = 25 squares). I love squares in Savage Worlds.


Turns out this is not a game for me regardless of grid size. I didn't expect a D&D-alike ruleset.

Nice and interesting. I can't wait too.

Looks amaaaazing! Curious : will you folks mind getting pinged about typos? If not, will there be a place we can submit what we find? Just looking to help!


Shoot them over to!

wanna be one of the first to play this!

can’t wait!


So .... How long must we wait ...

Please xD


SRD should be up tomorrow, digital copies Saturday, and physical zines next week.

I’m excited

Thank you. XD


Very Exciting! 

I really enjoyed this, BUT it made me vyrm for more. The thing I loved most was the sorceries and miracle system, oh and the general vibe. I love a complete setting book with things that can be used in OSR material. All in all very cool I am interested in testing it out more. 

goal is to get more stuff out for it, I set a goal of only doing a 20 page zine which was JUST enough to fit the bones of it in. Looking forward to fleshing it out with the complete pantheon, sorcery schools, and bestiary.

Love it, have thoroughly enjoyed your work for years. Big Forbidden Psalm energy in this new game and that's neat we need more mordheim clones. Exited to see how your other projects are going. Thank you for years of dark fantasy enjoyment.