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Roads beyond counting and buildings that block the very sun. A city that stretches without measure and whose secrets are without number...

A sprawling metropolis, built on the bones of cities long forgotten, it is as every bit as colorful and chaotic as it is deadly and unforgiving. It is ruled from the glistening Spires above; The Nobles, demigods of flesh made gold, who’s tyrannical whims ebb and flow like bloody tides across the city. Yet, as tall as the city towers above, so too does it descend below, where dark and terrible things roil with hunger beneath the cobblestone streets...

This city eats people. Never forget that.

Into the Cess and Citadel

Into the Cess and Citadel contains information, tools, and tricks for both players and Game-masters. For players, there are a multitude of options to travel and explore the city, from the squalid Undercity below to the decadent Spires above, each requiring a different approach to survive their hardened and blood-stained passages. Along the way will be complex factions to befriend or combat, along with opportunities to exploit for the many treasures that await in the eclectic districts. Finally, there are a multitude of strange artifacts and cobblestone magics, each embodying the chaotic and frightening nature of the city.

For Game-masters the book has everything you might need to run a colorful and dark urban-themed game. Monsters and encounters that present players with unique challenges and personify the warped spirit of the city, simple rules for providing meaningful depth to city exploration and survival, interconnected and evolving factions that operate in the light and in the shadows, along with easy to use generators for streets, vendors, NPCS, events and more to flesh out the details of your sprawling metropolis.

As well, for groups looking to take the plunge into a fully urban campaign, there is an entire toolbox and resource guide for how to easily prepare and play games with minimal effort, keeping preparations to a minimum and allowing large scale settings to be played quickly and fluidly.


• Rules for traveling and surviving in a city; including exploration, traffic, and hazards.

• Tools for generating unique urban factions and their complicated relationships.

• Guides for running each of the urban environments presented within the book and pointers on how they differ from dungeons or wilderness.

• Step-by-step guides for generating and running three unique city landscapes: the sprawling Megacity, the dungeon-like Undercity, and the dangerously opulent Spires.

• Hundreds of tools, hirelings, contraband and services both mundane and strange.

• Unique districts to explore and exploit, from the grand libraries of the Archivists to the industrial hellscapes of the Foundry.

• Dozens of tables for dressing shops, streets, NPCs and more.

• 50+ monsters ranging from Depraved Aristocrats, Sewer Walruses, and Dire Pigeons

• Magical artifacts, curious spells, diseases, 100 locations and more…

• All written in a system-neutral format for use in most role-playing games.


Buy Now$19.95 USD or more

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Hi, its possible to have community copies?

Any thoughts on POD, would be interested.

Excellent book full of amazing content, especially if you're an OSR gamer.  My only gripe is I feel like the cobblestone spells section was created for a more intrepid GM than I am.  In the absence of spell levels and the assertion that anyone can cast these spells (which I presume means non-spellcasters too), I'm unsure how to handle these things on the game side of things.  Resource cost, frequency of use, etc.   


I’m interested in getting a hold of the hardcover version, but shipment to Europe on  indie press revolution is prohibitively expensive. Is there any other source in Europe or that ships to Europe at better rates?

Thanks in advance!

as of now no, particularly because we don't have an EU distributor at the moment (as much as we would like one). If we do find a distributor and way to get the books over economically, we'll let it be known.

There is a Berlin-based store that usually carries US imports: https://alltheproblemsinthisworld.com/ , might be an option :firgerscrossed:

Thanks for the tip!

Also, in the UK Iglootree are great: https://iglootree.com/

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Hi, first of all, great book, loved ITWaW, and this is even better for my particular tastes. I purchased a copy from my lfgs, and I noticed there's no digital version of the sheets without the book, thus I can't print out the sub hex sheet or clock, and my printer has issues photocopying. Could I maybe at least get the sheets digital? I can email myself with the copy of the book as proof.


heyo! If you purchased a copy, we can send you the pdf, shoot us an email (and optionally a picture of your book in a tasteful setting) at feralindiestudio@gmail.com and we'll get you sorted

Hi! I picked up a copy of both Wyld and City last week and was hoping to take you up on this offer of a pdf! I sent a picture of the books and receipt to the email listed above. Hope to hear from you soon! :)


Can do, just sent!

Thanks for the fast response!

Last update on Gamefound has been and gone and no movement on shipping label since 30/12/23. No explanations to backers about what's causes all the delays. No answer to emails via Wetink requesting a refund either.....


Is it still possible to get a print version of this?

Hi @feral-indie-studios I've been trying to get my .PDF for my Special Edition purchase of Into the Cess and Citadel , I tried on the Game Found website twice, but had no joy (My DriveThruRPG account in not the same as my purchase Email) can you DM me here or give me a contact place to get this sorted?

sure thing, email feralindiestudio@gmail.com and we'll get you situated 


Please add a bookmarked version of both this and Into the Wyrd and Wild - bookmarks are essential.

Want to echo this - it's one of my favorite books, period, but the lack of PDF bookmarks is really killing me.

Checking through it again, let me see if I can get it done this weekend

Thanks so much!

Would still appreciate a bookmarked PDF!


Hello, we are a retail backer for this and have messaged several times on Gamefound plus emailed Wet Ink Games directly, on Dec 27th 2022 we had a shipping notice yet no progress, still no contact, those notice expire in 30 days, we ordered over $150 in product and zero communication, we want this done or we take legal action. Not sure why this is happening and many people are complaining on Gamefound about the same issue.

Heyo! Sorry about the confusion, we ordered all of the shipping and postage in one batch and accidentally sent out a notification email to everyone.

The last 100-150 orders are being shipped out including distributer copies, we apologize for the inconvenience and confustion.

Thanks for the reply, Don't want to be mean or anything it's just tough when you have seen the communication drop off when a lot of people are concerned. We have backed over 1000 projects and get it is not easy to always be on top of it, as long as there is communication that is helpful. I appreciate the update.

Was a late backer on gamefound have yet to receive my download link, I've messaged on gamefound, and emailed about it, but have yet to hear anything back, reaching out here in hopes of a response. I backed for the physical book, but it would still be nice to review the contents before I get the book in hand and having a digital copy is always handy. Hopefully the creator will see this, this time.

Sure thing, shoot us an email at feralindiestudio@gmail.com and we'll take care of it.

Thank you, will be sending that your way now!

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UPDATE: the creators made everything right. Thanks.

Well, I regret backing this now through Gamefound. I haven't received my pdf copy and the creator is not responding to messages.

Not sure why you haven't gotten a pdf yet, I can shoot you a copy via Itch, just let me know your email

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Thanks for the response. It could be because I was a late backer. Other folks on Gamefound in the comments section are having similar issues. I had sent "you" a message through the gamefound site about a week ago, not sure if you're receiving those messages.

My email address is [redacted].

Thanks again!

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Hi! Any plans for a hardcopy?

[edit] Nevermind! Found the Gamefound and submitted a late pledge :)

Totally using this to run an infinite city surrounded by an infinite forest with "Wyrd and Wild"

(1 edit) (+5)

Is there a print release forthcoming?

Still open for late pledges.

Into the Cess and Citadel by Wet Ink Games - Gamefound

wow this looks seriously awesome, definitely going to give this a look. Love the music on the trailer

it is indeed very good


Hi I backed the book and am reading through it now, is there anywhere I can leave feedback?

There is rating feature on the top right corner. Or on the bottom right, if you are using portable devices.