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This looks like great fun. I’m considering using it with World of Dungeons under the hood. A few questions:

“Inventory” indicates that the number of items carried is determined by Constitution modifier. These values typically range -3 to +3 so is this correct?

“Settlements and Locals” could generate maximum populations of 40 (hamlet), 70 (village), 110 (town), 150 (city). These numbers seem quite small. Have you seen Medieval Demographics Made Easy by S. John Ross?

For “Nightly Events” what modifiers are applied that could result in 13+?

An amazing way to hack in the adventures of mistrusted monster hunters! I love the method of describing how monsters interact with settlements, and how players have to navigate both investigating a potentially non-malicious monster and the locals' mistrust. 


Hey! Popping by to ask you to email me [ilananight(at)gmail(dot)com] or DM me on twitter [@ilananight13] so I can send you the approval link for the TTRPG Trans Rights Texas bundle!


Congrats y'all!